Supo Ati-John & Co. is a constantly evolving law firm comprising of a number of experienced legal practitioners and professionals, to best suit our clients’ dynamic demands.
For over two decades, we have established a strong reputation for the work we do in various sectors. We have stayed true to our legacy of integrity and efficiency; a reputation for excellence, superior legal work and bespoke client service. With experience in helping governments, organizations and individuals overcome commercial and regulatory challenges; Supo Ati-John & Co. has become the legal harbour for companies thinking of embarking on any contemporary, complex or advanced commercial transactions and innovative idea.
Our clients comprise many of Nigeria’s leading insurance and financial institutions, real estate dealers, maritime businessmen, companies, employers, individuals and government agencies.
Our standing in the International commercial space is borne out of a continuous pursuit of knowledge, our uncanny ability to think ahead and simplify otherwise complex ideas, our ability to push boundaries and communicate our ideas in a clear and relatable manner, and our ability to leverage on our network to cut through bureaucracy. Through a deep understanding of our clients’ issues, needs and desired outcomes, Supo Ati-John & Co. delivers pragmatic, practical and commercially sound results at cost-effective rates.
We measure our success through our clients; how well we are regarded by them and the depth of the service offering that we provide. Our clients choose us because of our commitment to all these and also because we have stayed dedicated, efficient and relatable.
Our dedication to clients binds us by a sole desire to overcome legal, commercial and regulatory challenges presented.
Our focus is on being approachable, responsive and offering high levels of specialist expertise.